Needle Mackenzie Spencer assists Rubber Safety Hygiene in Second Acquisition

Needle Mackenzie Spencer has recently assisted Rubber Safety Hygiene Group in completing its acquisition of Distinct Disposables.  This deal is the second time in six months that Needle Mackenzie Spencer has helped RSH Group, having overseen their previous acquisition of Louis France, another Huddersfield-based company.

Rubber Safety Hygiene was founded in 1990 and supplies businesses with day-to-day consumable needs, such as janitorial supplies, safety equipment, rubber hosing and fittings. It has an office in Sheffield, a depot in Sunderland and predominantly covers the north-east of England.

Rob Hand, MD of RSH Group, said: "This second opportunity for acquisition came almost immediately after the purchase of Louis France and, as with that acquisition, the purchase of Distinct Disposables was also due to retirement. In addition, though, we have also welcomed Distinct Disposables' former joint Managing Director, Paul Storer, to the management team as he bought a 10 per cent stake in the group."

Distinct Disposables Limited was formed in 1987 and supplies West Yorkshire and surrounding areas with a full janitorial product range. 

Rob continues: "This deal was very different to the last one and had a number of complex issues. The passion, commitment, professionalism and advice given to me by Samantha Sellars and Chris Sellars at Needle Mackenzie Spencer was incredible.  They worked closely with Hazel Van Noort and Tom Sproson at HSBC to secure the finance package for me and both Hazel and Tom have also been tremendously supportive and helpful with the recent deals."

Having now got an appetite for acquisitions, Rob is sure he will be on the look-out for more deals and knows where he will turn for help. Rob said: "If the right opportunity came up tomorrow, I would take it and I can guarantee that Chris and Sam at Needle Mackenzie Spencer would be one of my first phone calls.  It goes without saying we would certainly recommend them to others."

Chris Sellars, MD of Needle Mackenzie Spencer, said: "Again, this was another acquisition that was destined for success. Rob is such a driven and focused individual who is determined to take Rubber Safety Hygiene from strength to strength."


Chris Sellars, MD of Needle Mackenzie Spencer, addresses Anti Money Laundering Farce

Let’s be clear from the outset, I am in no way suggesting people that are acting illegally, not paying their taxes or supporting terrorist activities should not be brought to justice. However, the world of nonsense that has been created by the Anti-Money Laundering legislation is a farce.

We moan in the UK about productivity, yet accept, and we do accept it, because that’s what we are like, that people within organisations can get in the way of, delay and undermine business, and in 99.9% of those situations, I would suggest, that no one considers anything underhand has happened or about to happen, but they just have a box that needs ticking.

My plea is for trust, trust in the people we employ to be able to access risk and apply a process and the law appropriately. As always, the process applied to stop the bad guys gets in the way of and costs the good guys, time, money and possibly business relationships.

Am I getting this wrong? If so, let me know.  If you agree, why not join the AAMLF? Maybe together we can make the UK a little more productive.


ACQUISITION / MERGER SOUGHT: Asbestos removal and consultancy (Project Great Bear)

We have been engaged by a UK Licensed Asbestos Abatement and Consultancy Company who is keen to expand both their services and geographical reach through strategic mergers or acquisitions. 

They believe that a merger or acquisition could bring the following benefits:

• Additional service offering for existing clients 

• Customers in new geographical locations

• Additional management resource

• Innovative and successful sales and marketing initiatives

• Experienced operational resource

• Enable value to be released to existing shareholders.

We would be interested in discussions with businesses operating in Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Humber and the East Midlands regions with turnover of £5m or below.

For further information please contact:

Chris Sellars, Director,  or phone 0114 2670911

Matthew Milnes, Associate, or phone 07931 444161. 


Needle Mackenzie Spencer hosts Crown Green Bowling Networking Event

We recently hosted a very successful evening of Crown Green Bowling - even the weather didn’t dampen our spirits! Congratulations to our champion bowlers, Jonathan Fletcher from Yorkshire Bank and Andrew Davenport from Maxim and well done to everyone for taking part. 




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