Project Vostock: Unique opportunity to invest in and join the leadership team of a well established, management consultancy, learning and development business

Business summary

We are seeking individuals or companies who are looking to invest time and money in an established consultancy business who have demonstrated their ability to deliver exceptional and relevant training, by working with large, multinational, blue chip companies developing their key staff to achieve their full potential and assist businesses through any change process.  Having operated globally since 1994, the Company has a strong track history in delivering their courses across the world with a truly global reach.

Importantly the business retains its own tried and tested IP which is unique and is different to a generic consultancy firm who utilise readily available matrices / tools to deliver their services.  The courses also utilise and develop deep learning techniques for leaders and managers to improve their organisational direction and performance in real time.

Historically the business has generated turnover approaching £1m, however in recent years, the owners have run the business to match their personal requirements and as such have only been reactive to new sales opportunities. 


The current (and founding) owners of the business have reached an age where they are looking at their retirement planning and are seeking to build a strong management team to develop and take over the business within the next 1-3 years. They are seeking committed individuals who are willing to invest their time (and/or money) to drive this business forward. 

There is an opportunity to leverage the existing IP and experience held in the business not only to approach a varied range of corporate customers, but the Company is poised to digitise their content and the method of delivery which improve the offering and reduce the costs for the huge multinational clients the company deals with.

The current owners feel this gives any incoming future owners a great opportunity to quickly generate additional revenues and allow their courses to be delivered to a far wider market at an improved margin.  We are currently in discussions with a number of individuals who are looking to assist with the delivery of this process, however are keen to speak to any individuals or companies who feel they could bring value to this opportunity.

The opportunity would suit those working in the corporate consulting sector with no owned IP, training and development companies working with larger corporates who wish to broaden their product and client base or a digital training company looking for content to utilise their platform.

Further details

We are also keen to talk to any funders or corporates who are seeking an investment in this sector to support the costs of building and developing the management team, costs of digitising the product and the share purchase from the current owners.

For further information please contact:

Chris Sellars - Director                                                                                  

0114 267 0911  


Matt Milnes - Associate

07931 444161