Yorkshire Bank team are victorious at Crown Green Bowling Champion of Champions Final 2018

Last year's winner did it again! Jonathan Fletcher, along with new bowls partner Nick Leatherland - both from Yorkshire Bank, claimed victory at our Champion of Champion's Crown Green Bowling Final 2018, held at the prestigious Nether Edge Bowling Club.

Jonathan and Nick narrowly beat Jonathan's previous bowls partner from last year, Andrew Davenport, who teamed up with Mike Sawkins.  It was a tightly fought competition with only 1 point separating the top 3 teams. The final running order was:

Joint 4th Place:    

Matt’s Favourites - this was a team name as obviously host Matt was completely impartial! (Lee Bloodworth & Andy Cocker) / No Bowlmen (George Foster & Mikel Aguirre)

3rd Place:   

Fluere Flingers (Paul Molloy & Mark Dowell)

Joint 2nd Place: 

Maximus Crownus Greenius Bowlius (Andy Davenport & Mike Sawkins) / Not Allowed to Win (Chris Sellars & Mark Wilson)

1st Place:   

Best Foot Four Woods (Nick Leatherland & Jonathan Fletcher)

Winner of ‘Find the Hole’ mini game: Matt Milnes (who graciously allowed victory to go to the group tied at second place) and then tied between George Foster, Andy Davenport and Mikel Aguirre.

Winner of ‘Beat the Wedge’ mini game: Jonathan Fletcher, then Nick Leatherland and Andy Davenport.

Congratulations to our champion bowlers and well done to everyone for taking part. Over 20 teams took part over the four events that we held and we raised over £500 for Cavendish Cancer Care .