This was my first business sale and I was expecting it to be a pretty bumpy ride.  I was very hands on day-to-day in my business so time was never really on my side and I really needed someone to hold my hand throughout the sale.  

We, of course, encountered some potentially difficult situations and complications but Chris and Sam handled everything with calmness and efficiency. I was constantly updated and re-assurred throughout the process and despite some very tight deadlines, we made our completion successfully. It was all relatively seemless.

It was a pleasure to work with them and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who may be looking to take the plunge.

Tim Hollingworth, Director, GeoGraphic Manufacturing Ltd

When the opportunity arose to lead a management buyout of the printing firm I had been running, I knew it was the right move – both for me personally and for the company moving forward.

We brought Mackenzie Spencer in to support the deal process right from the start, and it was clear that we were in capable hands. They understood the complexities involved in the transaction, and were mindful of the need for the two parties to cooperate and continue working well together to ensure business continuity and ongoing growth.

The result was a friendly buyout that met the needs of all parties. The experience, dedication and professionalism that Mackenzie Spencer brought to our board room had no small part to play in its success.

Nick Alexander, Acorn Web Offset

I asked Chris for advice shortly after I was made aware of a potential acquisition in the engineering sector. The business was profitable and had grown steadily, and had significant potential for growth. He shared my enthusiasm for the project and we worked together to assess the opportunity and develop our initial thoughts. Chris valued the company and prepared the initial offer on my behalf. Once we had gained exclusivity Chris focussed on securing debt and equity finance while I continued to develop the business plan and brought the BIMBO team together. After a somewhat protracted process the deal finally completed fifteen months after my first meeting with Chris, a testimony to not only his deal-making ability but his stamina!

It was a pleasure to work with Chris. He combines his financial expertise with a healthy dose of commercial pragmatism and genuinely is “on your side” during the deal process. It is well known that BIMBO’s are not as easy to conclude as MBO’s or even MBI’s and I was impressed throughout with Chris’s unwavering confidence. I look forward to our next project together.

John Wood Chairman Crowle Wharf Engineers

When you have an  opportunity to lead a “management buy-out” for the company you have jointly created from scratch there is no doubt that you understand your own business inside out,  what the opportunity is and more importantly what the potential of the existing business could be.

The dream is easy - what’s difficult is getting investors to share the same vision and more importantly persuading them to invest in a joint vision where everybody wins.

When our opportunity came I literally had no idea how to approach investors, what information they needed, who would be interested, the possible financial options and how to move the buy-out forward to a successful conclusion.

I was introduced to Mackenzie Spencer by recommendation and after my initial meeting with Chris Sellars where the possible options were discussed I was starting to realise that although I knew my business and market very well I did not have the contacts or knowledge to attract venture capitalists to invest in the company.

Mackenzie Spencer know their market! They know which investor suits which opportunity, they understand what it needs and takes to get deals done and they will be with you guiding you through a sometimes difficult and alien process.

They are honest and they tell it like it is - I could not recommend them enough for the work they did during our MBO.

Alastair Kitching - MD Countrywide Healthcare Supplies

Chris has recently worked with me on my new business. We were having difficulties moving our ideas forward, as well as articulating our unique proposition.  Chris helped us to stand back from the business and really get to the bottom of what makes us special and why people choose us. In the very first session, Chris helped me have the 'lightbulb moment' which has been pivotal in moving things forward, as well as helping me to deliver our proposition with confidence. 


I cannot thank Chris enough for his input. He is incredibly personable, has a great approach to questioning and mentoring and, I am confident, will add value to any business who has become a bit stuck on how best to progress. 

Expect to think hard and be challenged but you'll enjoy the process, I guarantee it!

Sarah Simpkins

We have known Chris Sellars for over 7 years. We were first introduced to him as we started out in Business in 2004, as someone who could potentially help us get funding and give general advice regarding business development. His role and involvement in our business development has gone way beyond that remit. He has through his substantial network of professional contacts been able to help us drive our business forward, he has motivated us during tough times and kept us focussed on the end game. He has on occasion mediated on our behalf and health checked the companies to ensure our strategy was working and was correct. His advice has been invaluable and I have no hesitation in saying that we are where we are, in no small part, as a result of Chris’s input.

Mrs C - FD of Leisure Park Operator

Our workshops with Chris provided the opportunity to step back and look at the business strategically with some useful and pragmatic outside guidance and input. Chris provided his own ideas and insights but also provided a platform for open and honest discussion about the company and its future in both corporate and personal contexts.

Mr W, Director of Engineering Company.

Chris was originally hired to help give us a financial heath-check, but he has since played a far larger role. Having been asked to help analyse how we managed the whole business, Chris has subsequently helped us restructure to achieve future success. He helped us eliminate existing weaknesses and focused our efforts. We worked together to develop a clear vision, mission and a business plan. This has produced an improved performance, more motivated/happier staff, company expansion and most importantly - an increase in sales/profits! 

His influence has had a hugely positive impact on Aardvark Swift. We've got plenty more to do, but I'm sure with Chris on board we've got a far better chance of achieving our long term ambitions.

Ian Goodall, Director Aardvark Swift Limited

We have worked with Chris on a number of projects. He keeps us focused, creating structure for our creative & entrepreneurial ideas... channelling our thinking with real business advice.

Mr K, MD of Design Agency

Chris' enthusiasm for results is infectious. I have known Chris in a Professional capacity for 3 years. He has been an invaluable support to ZL Consulting. He is candid, innovative, and a true motivator.

Zoe Holland, ZL consulting Limited

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